It seems we are fairly home obsessed these days. Just look at how many home renovation, home buying, home selling shows there are on tv. For a lot of us it will be our biggest asset, so this fixation seems to make sense. And we do spend a lot of time at home, so it also makes sense that we want that space to help us live the best life we can.

Stocksy_txp54c036eeUN6100_Small_221193And I am definitely not immune. I have ‘renovated’ before. But in that way that doesn’t involve removing walls. Maybe I should call it decorating! Either way, I love it. The ability to create something wonderful and fit for you from something generic or a little tired is so rewarding.

I also think renovating can teach us a lot. To trust our instincts (or not!), to budget well, to work towards a longer term goal one piece at a time. Or perhaps just that when you work at something over a period of time there can be great rewards.
I am curious though, do we actually enjoy it? Or do we renovate more for the outcome than the process? Now, I expect the answer depends a little on how ‘big’ a renovation we are talking about. If its more on the ‘decorating’ end of the spectrum I can see it could be more rewarding than stressful. If its more ‘gut it and re-build’ then I suspect its the opposite.

Knowing this, I am still about to embark on the biggest renovation of my life. Hubby and I have a cute little post war cottage that we are planning to lift and extend into our dream home. Big enough, but not too big. New, but still welcoming and with a bit of soul. How hard can that be, right?!

My Question for You

Which brings me to my question for you. Have you ever done a major renovation? If so, what did it teach you? I am hoping here for some tangible renovation tips as well as some life lessons so please, comment below and let me know your thoughts.

If you could only impart one piece of renovation advice to a really good friend, what would it be?

Is renovating a creatives dream or nightmare?

P.s. I’ve just posted my favourite online sources for home inspiration. Interested? Check it out here.

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