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Stocksy_txp54c036eeUN6100_Small_221193If you have seen my earlier post here, you will know that hubby and I are embarking on a home renovation. And this is bigger than anything either of us have been bold enough to jump into before! The thought is at once awesome, exciting and also terrifying.

Thankfully, we have agreed on an American Colonial, Hamptons like style. At which point we thought a lot of the hard discussion was over. Alas no! The number of decisions you need to make then renovating or building is crazy. And the stakes are quite high for people who need to love their homes and the spaces they spend their time in.

Investing energy to try and get it all right is top of my list of things to do right now, so I spend my days doing ‘research’ online and in instagram. And there are some wonderfully talented people out there creating some beautiful spaces. I scroll through beautiful images, read about people’s experiences and love looking at before and afters. Who doesn’t like a good before and after right?! Generally, I’m shortlisting more ideas than we can possible use. And I love it.

There are some places out there in the great expanse of the internet that I keep coming back to, time and time again. So, to kick off this series following our renovation progress, and I am sure dramas, I would love to share with you these gems that are inspiring me.

The Builder

americandream_Profess_no27_jpgjpgFirstly, our builder Front Porch Properties. We found her on instagram (I honestly can’t remember how, but funny how the world works!) and she’s local to us which was amazing. Clearly meant to be! Her specialty is the style we want, so when one of her beautiful homes was featured in Home Beautiful (Australia) magazine I poured over the images. We can’t wait to see more.




The TV600x600bb-85

Speaking of the style we like, hubby and I are obse
ssed with Fixer Upper. Their transformations are nothing short of amazing (they do a great before and after!). Watching the process unfold is also really interesting. But if I am honest, I am mainly in it for the before and after. And their goofy antics. These guys make us laugh! Their spaces are so warm and liveable. This little obsession also let to time scrolling through their other venture Magnolia Market. If you like vintage, rustic, or just beautiful things for home you need to see this.


The Web

TJP_3194A bit more refined than my Fixer Upper friends, but still US based with the style we love, is Studio McGee. I found these guys recently on instagram and honestly don’t know how I missed them until now! Every space I see on their site makes we want to be in it, and they ache a lot of beautiful images to scroll through. I highly recommend looking at their site, but also following on instagram if you like looking at beautiful interiors.



1457916145658Returning to sunny Australia for some inspiration, I bring you the talented trio that is Three Birds Renovations. These guys flip houses, but more than that they create stunning homes and style them beautifully, before selling. If I lived in melbourne I might just consider buying one of their finished works, but alas no. Their light, bright and airy aesthetic is definitely something we are chasing. and being local, its really interesting to see which suppliers they use and stores they source from. That will come in handy later!


kyal-and-kara-journal-toowoon-bay-renovation-master-bedroom-reveal-128Another local pair we are loving is Kyle and Kara, previous The Block contestants. They have an online series showing a home renovation they are doing with video and great photo online
content. These guys are so down to earth and their style is beautiful but not at all up tight. Check out their Toowoon Bay reno, and they also have a bunch of other projects for you to check out too. Right now we have a colour crush on one of their bedroom wall colours (yes, this one here!). Definitely check these guys out.



The Wrap Up

If renovation, interior design, styling or just looking at beautiful homes is your thing, I hope there is some inspiration here for you. Please let me know in the comments if you have any of your own gems that I need to check out!

As always, thanks for stopping by.

2 Comments on Renovation Inspiration

  1. Siobhan
    August 24, 2016 at 10:45 am (1 year ago)

    I think we have the same taste! I am obsessed with home design and renovation shows. Can’t wait to see your finished renovation! You will be sharing it on the blog, right? Lovely article.

    • Lovely & Creative
      August 29, 2016 at 11:50 am (1 year ago)

      Thanks so much Siobhan! And yes, I am planning on sharing the journey (nightmare??) on the blog. We have a 3D run through our plans tomorrow so I should have something more to share soon!


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